Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i am "tenang"

rivers,trees and nature
all are beautiful
but human make it like a fool
because they are not mature

maybe not
love come and goes
like a salad with a sauce
when finished,get lose

birds are happy
because they are flying happily
but is that the really
just answer by looking at your belly

rubbish and smokes
all comes from laziness
bcoz human are too genius
creating technology for easiness

not to critis
but just to share some tips
on the way to live like an ice on a lip
look beautiful and test sweet

future cant be seen
but it can be predict
why human are so mean
bcoz they are some drug addict
(anis mengarut)

laughter,smile and laughter
recipes to make life happier
but for anis it is over
bcoz anis is not a joker

clothes,shoes and accesories
that make woman worries
but just forget it when u are eating cheese
and life will be at ease

mountain,hills and cloud
as high as my dreams in life
to achieve it,bring a work load
surely it will come into ur life

ring ,gowns and flowers
compulsory when we are getting serious
but what does it says
if heart dont say yes

fun,fool,oskol(crazy in persian)
useful when we are alive
but when we are dead
and enter the hereafter world
it is useless..
am i right???

when anis speaks...joviously..
-anis the unexpected
-when she wanna things get started
-coz she thinks she is being suspected
-by everything she is surrounded

i am in the jovious mode now..
-nur anis-
4nov 09

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