Monday, November 9, 2009

what's DEAD!!!!

Hari ni merupakan hari yang aku rasa macam serba tak menjadi..erm,projek yg aku nak present hari ni tak betul ,aku dah penat try but it still the same and I have to wait almost half a day for the lecturer..WOW!!the lecturer was awesome…..memang punctual….i am so bored and feel like involved in the crazy world while waiting ……(like dead and then alive).Waiting is my weakness bcoz I don’t like to wait.i don’t even like the word.I hate waiting for someone if I have already make an appointment.Please be punctual and don’t threat me like a wall that just wait and see.I am here,also have my own programme for the day.But,just like what I have mention before “kita hanya boleh jadi perancang”…..walau perancang terhebat di dunia sekalipun,tidak akan berjaya,jika Allah mengkehendaki yang sebaliknya…That’s life anis..take it easy…success is yours…..

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