Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye surrounding..

I am such a good liar
To myself
Keep on lying to myself
But it does not last long
Tears do coming
Not stopping
Until my head is booming
I cant keep going
My soul is weaken
I am dying
In my living
I feel like jumping
When my window is opening
But i knew i am not doing
Even crazy mind is telling
Oh Allah..
To you,i am believing
To myself,i am lying
to keep moving
but when i am leaving
Eyes are bursting
No matter who is my surrounding
go away from me,go away from me
Plz,leave me,leave me,leave me,leave me,leave me

I am leaving
Goodbye surrounding..
and i am not joking
or playing
coz i am not lying
to anyone that i am believing
Not like that someone i am knowing
Goodbye surrounding..

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