Monday, August 16, 2010

Let the time be my best friend

Let time be my best friend
My best friend ever ever after
My best friend that will let me know
What are the reasons for everything
That had happened on me
And why it is me
And why it is always be me
And why it is me
Please,please tell me
Why it must be me??(Crying...)
It is me
That have to go through all these
But,Alhamdulillah ,I had all that moments
Of bad and beauty over all the moments
Perhaps a happy ending is with me
No matter in the world
Or after this
i am tired over these
and i am just around my twenty
Dont let me fell uneasy
But i have to face all these
And i had a lot of past moments with me
Enough..enough..about me
I want to have another story
But let it be a sweetie
not a freaky
But i would prepare myself to be ready
For everything that would happened on me
Please Allah help me..
Be with me..Near to me..
dont let me
Only be with me
I feel it is not that easy
But i knew
Only You could help me..
Please Allah help me..
help me..with everything around me
And i knew a happy smiley
Is waiting for me
and my best friend would tell me
Thank you Allah for giving me
A chance to be me

It is me..

-anis speaks harmly to her soul-

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