Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks Allah,i was so happy today

Today was one of the happiest moment in my life
Even the day starts with tears
But it ends up with a big smile and a new spirits in me
I have 3 events today
And it is a stepping stone for me
To be a successful career lady
in my life
I have 2 events with Microsoft Malaysia
and one event which is Annual General Meeting
as an Exco of Research And Innovation of my faculty society
The two events with Microsoft was great enough
I was introduced as a Student Ambassador for Microsoft
in front of hundreds people
Wow.. it was great
I never thought of that
And now i knew all the bad things are happened
for something that is much more better
And I have a dinner with the other 2 student ambassadors and
Also with Microsoft Evangelist
Wow,i really felt like I am turning my malay essence into a global essence
We are communicate in several issues and technology
Of course..for sure..
Now,i am focusing on the people around me
And i need to be the best
on my computer skills
and also in human resources
So,i could meet many people
and get a good job
and get a chance to help more people
That would bring me to travel to many places especially overseas
with many great friends and the top careers
So that i could learn more from them
And i had planned on my own business
And Microsoft Evangelist,Ian said i should starts on ebay and some of my friend already did that
And they gain good profit..
and I knew that a better job offer is coming as well
I would plan to continue my part time master studies in marketing+finance if i got a good salary job offer..
And since a possibility to get a research grant and a scholarship
Are coming on my way too
And i need to make a wise decisions..
I would revenge everything with fame and success
And i knew Allah would help me along the way..
Thanks for everything that Allah had given to me
I appreciate everything that is bad and good willingly..
It makes me a step beyond my thinking that i never had before this
Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah..

anis smiles at everyone that would put her down..
and she will move on
and dont care about what that someone had done to her
even she felt that was unfair
But she would accept that
As she believes that Allah is fair in everything
I would just let Allah judges that someone..
I am just an ordinary human being
And nobody is perfect..
Thank you Allah
For being with me
All the time
And give me everything
Thank you Allah..
Thank you Allah..

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