Monday, September 27, 2010

In the middle

Alhamdulillah,i was given many chances in my life to experience and discover new things.
And sometimes,we have to make a decisions between many choices that we had gotten in life.
And yeah,as a Muslim we should pray Istikharah.
And how about,if u have a better chances but at the same time u have to take the second chance which is not worth in money matters but it will give much benefits to others.
I am sure,u have to sacrifice maybe a lot .But,It is worth if you felt satisfied with what you are doing.Eventhough,in others point of view,u are so stupid to let go that dollars.
but,i am sure if we are doing something honestly ,honestly and honestly,we dont have to worry.What goes around comes around.

Do It Honestly,


  1. For today ,i didn't get what you mean or what you are talking about, Sorry..

  2. Thanks...
    i like ur comments..
    that is what a friend for..

  3. but i didn't get your meaning, can you explain if you don't mind more..thank you

    Thank you for being in your world again Juliet..

  4. Actually,the conclusion of this article is that if we have more than one choices in our life,as a Muslim,we should do Istikharah.
    Secondly,if u wanna do something in ur life,u must do it honestly.
    And honest means u dont mind not getting any in return.
    This article explains a person that has two choices ,one is for big money for a great job and the other job is just simply doing the job that is related to Islam,which dont provide much salary.
    And because this person prefer to do it honestly for Allah,the person let go the big amount of money.

    So,Honesty is the best policy.

    I hope you could understand this and give me a feedback if u still have any doubt.

  5. Perfect word , agree with you in this point,as i told you that the four value for the friendship one of them was honest..

    Thank you ..I Enjoyed to be in your world Juliet..