Monday, September 6, 2010

Kenapa dengan aku?

Hari ni aku bersyukur,
i was selected as the Vice Deputy Director(I)
for the International Student Leaders Conference
in Department of Management.

But,aku terpaksa je senyum ni..
yelah2..senyum je lah
Thank u ya everyone..=)
monolog dengan diri:
(senyum apa ni..ikhlaskan hati 1,2,3...senyum..ok2..cukup kot utk 2saat)
ok dah..

Kenapa dengan aku?
Apa masalah aku sebenarnya?
Apa yang aku fikir?
Apa yang aku nak?
But i does not know
whats wrong with me
i am supposed to be happy
But tomorrow i will be leaving to my hometown
i am so sad
i dont want to live at that place anymore..
Father,lets move back to Pahang
I just dont want to be in Selangor anymore
That was my unwanted dream anymore.
I dont want to go to the beach
I want to go to other places
not there
not LRT
where the first time i got a call
in the LRT
is from that someone..
No No
Not again..
Not Again
Not Again
i just dont like it there
I want to go somewhere far away
Far AWay
Far away
To throw all those tears
To throw all the broken glasses
I am going away..away..away..
Leave me alone..
Let this raya be myself
only me
and me
nothing else..
Leave me..

I wish i am in my dreams FOREVER!!
But life never be in a fantasy
Like i wish it could be
I have to wake up
BUt please
let it be
in fantasy
Just one more time..
I just want to be happy..
Somebody save me.. me
wake me up
i must be tough
i must be tough
i must be tough
i must be tough
i must be tough..

And i wish i could...

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