Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love ,care ,honest and thrust

I am not sure if somebody reads my writing on this,I will get a blame or a compliment.

But,I do not care what others are saying.The four values ,love ,care,honest and thrust will really bring you success.It is a 100% sure.

You knew,a pure heart will win and that is so true.I believe this four values because there is a true friend of mine who shared this value with me.

Yes, it is true.And your dreams will come true if you successfully blend the four values together in your life.

Actually,I just find out,a simple ways to be happy,you must be honest and blend it together with love, care and thrust.And I am sure you will be happy ,even before this ,your life is so sad,full of failure and maybe you can say you better die as soon as possible,but you better don’t and start a brand new life with love,care,honest and thrust.

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  2. I don't know what to say after these nice words,comes from the heart and not just words written by the hand but by the heart, i want to add some thing its you can't feel it unless you try to do all then you will get and feel the beauty of these words. so find for the person deserve it and give him/her these 4 thins and see what you will get it.
    Believe your self if your doing the right thing.
    Thanks Julieta i am happy to be in your world..

  3. Thank you so much for reading my articles.
    i appreciate ur comments.
    Yes,u know Saeed,for writing an articles,i need to have a feeling to write and i wish Allah gives me the idea.And Alhamdulillah.
    I like to write something that turn around in my surroundings.And that 4 values i learnt from you.

    Thank you,that is the article as a presentation of ur idea.

    Thank you so much.
    Here is my fb mail : anis_utm , if u noticed any mistakes in my articles that i should not publish in public.U could freely give comments.Thanks

  4. Thank you , so much to you for making me to read, really i enjoyed to read every single word, i am not good in writing and i am not reader person but your words make me to be reader, nay ALLAH bless you and give you what you wish..

  5. I have to agree on this one. How can a person live without love, care, honesty and trust? when someone is honest, you'll start to care about that person. later you'll put trusts in him/her. then come love. just my point of view based on your article.

  6. Anonymous: Thanks for your comments.
    Your flow is interesting.Nice,Well done.
    But the love that had been existed is a wide world love.I mean, it is not only in a special relationship between couples which people always concerned about but it is more into real friendship and your relationship with everyone arounds you.
    And by the way,thank you so much for reading this.
    Thank you for spending your time to read.