Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maid IN Manhattan


I just finished watching “Maid IN Manhattan” on Friday,17 September 2010,at 2.49 pm and there is something I gotta say.Marissa was very lucky for coincidentally meet with Chris Marshall and that’s how I believed true love should be.It should be unplanned and everything just go right away.And there is nothing to think about,it is a fate that two of them will be together.And no matter what happened,even if she is just a maid and both of them are in a very big different world ,true love would bring us together.

And hey guyz out there,I was just saying this because I don’t really find my true love yet and maybe or probably because I was not searching for it or I just could not see it.But the most interesting part in this movie is when Chris Marshall said “She is not like anyone I had met before”,it really melt down my sweet...

Wow,I just wish someone would have said that words to me someday.But truly saying that the real personality in Marissa make the relationships work.So I wish I will find someone that will accept me for the real in me and will said that sentence to me and I wish I could be just as Cinderella.A dream of a prince that would say this to me and make me his CINDERELLA.I just dream of it.And I believe that one day I will find that Mr.Right even if he is not a prince,I would really appreciate that because I will love him for who he is.Oh God,make it real for me..please…please..

This is who I really am-Juliette Rosalind Maryland-

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