Saturday, September 18, 2010


And today,my friend ,for me she is so amazing,that she was married in the same age as mine , and she is still studying too and she said that if you could wake up as early as 6 am in the morning ..And You could do the chores in 2 hours and finished it at 10 am ,after that u will be free ,u could do ur own stuff and ready for the marriage.But I don’t think so ,I am NOT ready AT ALL for any commitment even if I am able to wake up at 4 am in the morning.It was not good for me.I don’t think so I could handle that.I love my activities with my friends and everything..competition,society..and etc.

But,yeah ,maybe it is easy if you and your husband still does not plan to have a baby and still can control over it.So,it should be okay BUT how if accidentally that you are pregnant.How the situation is going to happen??.The situation is going to fall in this way.For example,at home,you will think about studies and at lecture hall you will think about the baby and your husband.Oh no,I could not imagine how life would be.It must be a BIG BIG problems.

I am not sure but 80% of probability.And that is such a busy life that u are going to have and I am sure u will think to give up your studies, since yeah..mother’s heart will always prefer to choose for sacrifice and that how it is going to end up your dreams and ambitions. And finally u are going to be a mother..oh..a lovely mother..BUT if your husband gets angry with you when you could not do things right and he is blaming on you and if the problem added that you have less money to spend and u need more than what you have right now just to buy your needs and you are just depending on your husband.Life would be terrible,I guess.

I dunno,maybe ,maybe not ,I could said this by examining people around me.But I am not sure what I will do if I am in their shoes.

And everyone has a different solution ,right?But I am sure it is pretty cool to have a baby when you are very young.

Sure,you could have more than a dozens of childrens,right?But,yeah..i still do not think that it is such a good idea to get married while you are studying and have many commitments to the society .

You would not have time for yourself.I want to read my favourite’s book and the baby keep on crying for 24 hours???Huh…it is going to be hard,right??Oh no.. no way..there is no way I am going to get married during my studies.I am sure it is going to be a DISASTER.or..maybe a THUNDERSTORM..Who knows..

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