Friday, September 17, 2010


It is so true that nobody is perfect in this world.So do I.And also my parents.I just got a call from my lovely little sister,Tiya.And she told me that she was boring.So I asked her to do what she likes.And she said to me that she likes drawing but preferred not to do so because she was afraid that my mother would get angry when she messed up a little space on the floor just to get her drawing done.And that was such a mistakes that my mother had done without she realized it.

Yeah..if I told this to my mother,maybe my mum would get angry at me and said that I was thinking I am big enough to tell her what she has to do.But it is a fact that no one is perfect and yeah,we shall be able to receive an advices from anyone else and also analyze that advices before accepting any but NO REJECTION.

It would not make any benefit from it,if you just shut up people mouth to tell you your own mistakes.You will not be better but probably putting yourself into a worse situation.It is usually a matter between parents and their childrens.
Actually,what they just need is to be able to listen to their children’s opinion.

Sometimes,we just need to realized that we are just a human that would never,never and never be perfect even if u had tried so hard to be so.And my mother should tell to my sister appropriately to clean up everything after she had done with her drawing and that does not need much to do.

And by getting angry at her instead of telling her nicely ,my mum had just killed her creativity and try to make another Albert Einstein.

Oh no,and I will not let my sister to be such a coward to do anything she likes which is not wrong at all and be a bookworm all the time which is not necessary at all to be successful in this world.

I hope that my mum would realize that,perhaps…
And wait for my comeback my lovely little sister,Tiya.I will teach you what you should do.I really miss you dear,Tiya.Bye for now.I hope to see u soon.= )

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