Saturday, September 18, 2010


While I was taking care of my friend’s tortoise while she was away for 2 weeks,I realized that I had lost something a part of my life,PURE LOVE..but after I am taking care of that tortoise for two weeks ,I asked her for a longer time to take care of the tortoise cause I fall in love with the tortoise even at first I was quiet afraid to touch it.

And then,I took care of it for a few months before returned it back to my friend.It was lovely and I bought a pair for the pet,a female tortoise named ,LALA.

Just like a pair of couples that I read in the novel,you knew the story in the novel was so lovely and their love story has many challenges.The guy and the girl was separated for years and while the girl was away ,it gives the guy an inspiration to write love songs and even write a novel ,and at last the guy become a famous artist but he is so loyal and still wait for the girl she loved,even he has many fans because he is so handsome and sweet,I wish I will have the love with the loyalty from someone I dreamed of.

And the moment,I gave jang ,a pair for him ,I wish that one day I would have a life partner of my dream and live happily ever ever after.And I wish that JANG AND LALA would pray for me to Allah that I will get someone of my dream and
I wish it come true.

I wish the fairytale of a CINDERELLA will turn into reality to my my dreams..oh..dreams..dreams..dreams..


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  1. Just keep it Dreaming , that is what give to our life some taste and helping us to take rest from the hush life..
    Ameeeeen , hope insyALLAH you will get what in your dream and think about it..

    Thanks, Jullieta to be here in your world..

  2. Ameen.May Allah bless you and make your dreams come true.

    All the best in anything you do in your life.

    And thanks once again for spending time for reading my articles and i really really appreciate your comments.

    Thank you.