Saturday, September 25, 2010

Santapan diraja bersama Canselor UTM

26 September 2010
Santapan diraja bersama Canselor UTM di Persada Jb sempena konvokesyen utm ke45

First of all,I would like to thanks to a friend of mine for the invitation.It was a pleasure to have you as my friend.
I taught the dinner would be in UTM,but it is actually at PERSADA and luckily I have put a shoes in my bag to replace my slippers.Alhamdulillah.

Eventhough,I think someone is missing at the table.But,that’s okay.All of you are just enough to make the table very happening.
The food was good and the service was excellent.
And the favourite part is that the photography session .Wow,that was great.I just love it.

Yes,the sultanah is a beautiful lady at her age.
And,last but not least,everyone of us had an enjoyable moment but I am not sure if there is any dissatisfaction from others.

But,anyway,everything was just excellent and amazing.First class dinner ha..great!!
Alhamdulillah..Our praise is to Allah (Maher Zain lyrics..hehe).
Friends: Aimran,Saeed,Khaleeda, (myself),Ili.

Written by,
Juliette Rosalind Maryland.


  1. First of all i am happy also to join this dinner with all of you my friend , and really i am enjoyed Alhamdulilah .
    But want to know you miss some body in that table or you find some body there..??
    Any how Alhamdulilah that was the program and the event was very great, then from here in your world i would like to thank our great UTM VC for the organizing and inviting us..

    Thank you again Juliette...happy for being in your world again.

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  3. Thanks..Of course i found human not ghost..hehe..
    BY the way,thanks for ur comments..