Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thanks a lot Mr.Harriet

Thanks a lot Mr.Harriet for visiting my blog and email to me.
I never taught that someone like you would have been reading my blog.
It is just a simple blog and i threw anything that i wanted in this blog.
It is just like my soul.

Thank you Sir..
For your email(below)

Hello rosalind

I am the editor of, the world’s leading ‘how to’ website. We’re about to get bigger and better and i'm looking for some keen & skilled writers to be a part of it.

We've just launched a powerful new self-publishing website that helps people with unique know-how & expertise (i.e. you) connect with our knowledge-hungry audience. The website is called Videojug Pages -

I am searching for a select group of writers & bloggers to become Founder Members on Videojug Pages. I came across your blog - 'NUR ANIS BTE NORDIN' - and was really impressed.

I'd like to invite you to join our growing community of writers (it's 100% Free).

You can share you unique knowledge by creating pages about your interests on Videojug Pages and can earn money through our equal advertising-share scheme: we share all revenues 50:50 with our writers.

There are some great benefits to being a Founder Member:

* Build an online audience & become an authority on your chosen subject
* Inform & guide our knowledge-hungry audience
* Promote yourself, your business & your website/blog
* Become an on-site 'Guardian' with additional on-site privileges and access
* Earn money through our unique 50:50 advertising share scheme
* Get a Founder's Badge to prove it!

To find out more about this exciting project and to get involved just click here

You can also reply to this email (it’s come from a real person!) if you have any questions etc...

Looking forward to seeing you on the site.

Best wishes,


Harriet Hungerford

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