Friday, September 24, 2010

Too Sensitive,Aren't you?

Too Sensitive,Aren't you?

My friend:I think I am too sensitive,how could I change myself in order not to be more sensitive?
Juliette:Thanks for asking friend.But,that is the real you,it is hard to change when it is our attitude,especially if you are already 20+,it has been your attitude,but it is possible.And now you shall set your mind,I am not that sensitive,I am just a person with a soft soul.

In JulietteRosalind’s point of view,
I think the meaning of being sensitive is when you are easily hurt when others speak something that is not liking by you or did something that make u think they should not.

It is something that is not satisfied by you and make you feel uncomfortable.
I am also have been in this kind of situation but I do not know,I just cried and then everything is okay.

But that is how I am dealing with the situation but I am not sure about you ,friend.
I think you keep it to yourself and then it does not get out of your mind and put you in stress and then ,you explode .

But friend,
I advice you shall take it easy.Sometimes,it is always happened that things are going in the other way,and not as wanted by us.But,let say,if someone hurts your feeling,you shall just forgive them.Follow our prophet,Muhammad,he forgives everyone that hurt him easily,he is so kind and we should follow his example.And this is something I really believe because nobody is perfect and everyone has the right to be given a second chance to better up themselves.

It might not be working immediately but you shall give a try and if we really have a very good relationship with Allah,our relationship with human will just be fine and there is nothing to worry about.
I remind myself too.

And we should just FORGIVE AND FORGET for all the unsatisfied doings that someone had done to us.

I might not even solving your problems for one percent but I hope I am a good listener to my friend.I will try my best to help my friend and at the same time I learnt a lot from all of you.

I hope all my readers will have a happy life ever ever after.

Best regards,
Juliette Rosalind Maryland.


  1. First as I told you , you make me to become one of your fan and reader, everyday check and see what is your new in your world, so thank you Juliette..

    Second I agree with you that every thing or most of the things is just mind controlling , what we tell and believe in our mind that will happen or feel, if we feel hungry and set our mind we are fully stomach we will no need to eat and so on, so i hope your friend will take your advice and she/he become a simple person with pure and soft soul.

    Then also for the second time i agree with you for your definition for the sensitive personality ,and your way to deal it when you feel or be in that situation, but maybe your friend didn't have a close or real friend or person to cry in front of this person, so that is why she/he feel very sensitive from any thing.
    i want to tell your friend that he/she/ got a good thing, we need as you said the people to be soft and pure soul in this selfish world but also with that soft intelligent..

    Thank you again.. Juliette happy to be in your world again, i think i will stay here..:)

  2. Thanks for your feedback.
    BY the way,you knew,if i had a problem.I dont like to tell anyone else and if i want to cry,i wont let others know.
    I dont like people to know my sadness or problem.
    For me,the best is to go to the mosque(coz i make many mistakes) and cry to Allah.
    That is much better.
    Allah hears you but human might criticize you when u told them.So,it is better to cry to only Allah.
    But everyone has its own ways to deal with their problems and i hope u will find your best way to cope with all problems.

    Thanks for reading my blog.
    May Allah bless you.