Monday, September 20, 2010

Wake up,Wake up

" Wake up,Wake up "
My lecturer said the above sentence a few times in the classroom today.
It seems like everyone is in a sleeping mode.
yeah,today is the first day after the mid semester break and for sure the feelings of getting back to school has not reach into 100% yet.

I am writing this article in the classroom which i am not supposed to.I did this after i did the tutorial that had not been successfully done.

I have an unexpected wishes today from my peers .It is like this "Hye,i see you in the video".

Oh no,or Oh,yes i did it.
Em,And after that i am walking towards my faculty hoping no one would said that again.i felt very shy.really, really shy.

I did not expect,that actually the video on [1MIT]Because She Is(Team August Rush of UTM) in the link:
had separated to the students in the faculty.

But in the other point of view,it is such a good move to get yourself into the society and the community.At least,at this position,somebody noticed your existence rather than none.

But,it also brings into fame and popularity.I am sure it is not like Siti Nurhaliza or The Miss Universe of USA.But,it is a good stepping stone to be a star in your life that maybe if you had imagined that.

Finally,you must know what you want in your life actually.
And that will be your real dreams,even if everyone is blaming you,
you have to believe in yourself and i know you have it in you.

I wish all my reader's dream will come true.


Written by,

Juliette Rosalind Maryland.


  1. Really nice words, i enjoyed reading your page , i think i will be here daily..
    Agree with you that the person only can decide what want to be in future life....

    Thank You Julieta, happy to be in your world...

  2. HEHE...i think i am speaking nonsense over this article.But i am not writing daily but i am happy to have a fan over this blog.

    Thanks for your supports.