Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dearest ..

Yesterdaya,i am supposed to read a few chapters but at 9pm something disturbs my mind that make me feel so uncomfortable feelings and i have gotta go to sleep.

This morning i will have 2 presentations,and i hope that i could control my emotion and let it go before i speak to everyone.

Because one of the weaknesses is i cant hide my face expressions that always reflect the reality in me.

And that is the reason why i am writing this.
Because i really need to write before i go because i dont like spreading it but just keeping it to myself until i could not help it and feel so hard.

But anyway,i pray the best for u.

Let the time shows the reality.


  1. First I like the way you choose the words, although you seem angry or sad but you said "Dearest"..
    Please if you have any problem or any thing make you not comfortable you can share with your friends or the people who can trust them or consider them as a best friend , that is why we need to have a friend don't keep it in your self share with others and also tel who make you not comfortable that this person did mistake and make you angry..

    thank you for sharing , i wish i can help..

  2. Thanks Saeed..
    but as I said to you..
    i like to throw whatever problems that i have in my blog and pray to Allah
    yet Thanks for helping.
    But i am not comfortable telling problems to others..
    And that is me..
    Anyway thanks..
    And as I told u ,i will never be angry to anyone..
    I will try to figure out my mistake in the past and take it as something i should received to get Allah redha..
    really thanks..really really thanks..