Saturday, October 16, 2010

i am so sorry for not wishing u

I am very sorry
Please forgive me
I would never forget the day
And maybe i cant
Even if i try so hard to do so
But i am too disappoint
And that is too much
That the heart would not want to let it forget easily
And i tried so hard not to wish you
I run away from my laptop
Just to prevent myself
From wishing u
I had wrote a note
But Alhamdulillah
I am not sending it to u
I am so sorry


  1. Again back to your world miss Juliet, very nice words, I hope who ever is that person to forgive to you be sure if these words comes from your heart and you mean it , for sure will reach that persons heart and will forgive you..
    nice words ,keep it..
    Happy to be here in your world Juliet..thanks

  2. Mr.Saeed..
    Thanks for reading this..
    And perhaps that someone i am appointed to will read this.
    But that someone also put me in a very big upset moment in my life until i have to gain back everything that is me.
    It was so hard but i hope that someone is satisfies with whatever things that someone did.
    I really thank that someone that make me feel i cant present my project and i tried so hard to gain back my confidence.