Saturday, October 23, 2010

today is full of faces

I am not sure what is happening on me today.
I need to go to several companies just to find a sponsorship for the programme that will be conducted in my university .And when i was talking to the shop owners,my friend noticed that i was not smiling not friendly speaking.I am not sure what is happening.

But,i think the call by someone from yesterday had affected my life too much.
Crazy..Mental Sickness is what i could described over this issues.

If i would have told everyone in this world the true story,I am sure everyone will says that it was just like in a fairytale story that turn into reality.YES IT IS.
Nur kasih?..Ketika Cinta Bertasbih?..Lagenda Budak Setan?..haha..LOL

I am confused about the characteristics of that person but I am still having a good taught on that respective person.But,there are more disappointment that satisfaction.

And that makes me forgive but very hard to forget.I had tried to forget that but when i answered the call yesterday,it comes back and i have been in hard time over and over again.I dont like this tears,it sucks..

Actually,there are many things i would like to tell that someone but i could not.Something is stopping me from what i wanna do.I am becoming and turning into another type of person which is more quiet.I am not as I am as before even for these few weeks.It is rainy these few days and i had tried to go somewhere else by myself just to get some new environment.

But thats help out but just for a moment.I hope everything will goes well as long as the time goes by.

There are many things i dont understand about that person.
At first,i was thinking that maybe that someone just dont understand the value of loyalty.Sometimes,we are just thinking too much about our own and all the persons around us but we forgot to the one that always be by our side and we let it go just like a smokes passing by the wind.

For me,even if i got to know an imperfect person and also found many weaknesses in them,i would be really appreciate their care,love and friendship until i am taking it seriously and make them as very precious gift that i have in my life.

But,at the other side,i was thinking that someone is judging a persons based on the physical appearance.Do judge everyone like this regularly if u are perfect.

Maybe that is the solution.

Thanks ya..
You seems like nothing is happening and are some kind of telling me that you were not wrong .

I am not sure how could u said that when it does not mean anything for now ,i mean useless, and it is hurtful. Even more hurtful for the heart to receive.

For that someone if u read this,
I wish u realize that loyalty is a value that u must learned in order not to let others felt down and unappreciated.

But what else could i do, feels like it is too late.
Too late to say GoodNight and too early to say GoodBye..
I am sorry..but could i tell u that I miss you.
Please forgive me.

I believed that you are right
you deserve it
you are good
you are just too good
SO good as unreachable scale to be explained.

Do remember that
"What goes around comes around"

-pure souls to be telling the thruth-

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