Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unexpected ending of the day..

Around 5.30 pm,i went to the library and while i was entering the main door,
there is somebody looking at me like some kind of weird comes from me.
And i was saying in my heart "Is there anything wrong with my face?"
So,i just move on and just dont care abt it.

And then i went to MSI,during maghrib ..

and ,yeah,when i was walking back to PSZ ,along the way in front of MSI..

I saw that somebody again ..

And at that time,that somebody asked me while it is(below):

somebody:Hye,Are u the girl that was acting in the video?

Me:yeah,haha.Very funny ,right?

somebody:yeah because i saw ur face is just the same as the girl in the video,and i keep thinking abt it.

me:Oh,By the way,how did u find out abt the video?

somebody:it is by accident.I dont know.Accidentally found in UTM and just spend time watching it.

me:oh,Thanks for watching.I hope u enjoyed it.

somebody;Yeah sure.So,U are an actress,right?

me:no,not team just entered a competition and yeah i got the chance to act.

somebody:Wow,thats great.


and yeah.i gotta go,bye.

somebody:yeah,bye.c u again.

13 okt 2010


  1. ade pmint mmbr ak ni upenye..he3

  2. Oklah tu LEYA..
    boleh luaskan market skit..hahaha...