Monday, November 22, 2010

50 First Dates

I just watched 50 First Dates and i am so touched and it forced my hand to write about it.
There are something i wanna say and wish that it happens in the real world of mine.

I am so touched,very touched when the guy is so loyal to that girl eventhough she had a brain damaged that erase all her short memories.But that does not stop him from loving her.So Sweet...Too Sweet...He dares to meet her daddy even his daddy dont accept him for the first time and act like a hungry lion.But he did it,right?It is called so true love will find the way to be together..Wow..Thats great..He even helps the girl to gain her memory and and eventhough many are not supporting him ,but he moves on..he never cares what othera are saying just to be with her..=)

I like the loyalty in love that the guy had shown and i wish i could just find that such guy, love me with that kind of love.i wish..i really wish for that..
He even did everything to meet the girl he in love with..Are there such guy in this world??
I hope so..

Even when her daddy still be angry ,he is still trying hard to make it work.
So loyal..
I am touched and i cried..huhu...

And finally,her daddy could see his love to his daughter is not a game play,he is so serious and that the way it goes.

That is called patience over the time being.
And perhaps one day,Anis will found her dreamed prince and he is so loyal to her and willing to face any challenges together with her and never left her crying alone..

It was such a very sweet story and to make the girl fall in love with him everyday just to keep the relationships was so crazy..i could not imagine there were such guy in this world..i hope so..
I am so touched and i cried...huhu..


==when anis speaks==

yesterday at 12.30am

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