Tuesday, November 9, 2010

from my daddy

I have nothing else to say here.Today i have got a mail from a friend saying bla..bla..bla..Not to comment anything on that but it leaves me a bloody tears.

Yeah,i also do get a message from my daddy today and he congrats me

Yeah he said:
Tahniah.Sejak bila buat puisi?
Along dapat surat daripada editor Sinar Harian.


Ilham itu semuanya datang dari Allah,
Aku cuma manusia biasa.

But it was so funny,none of my family members knew that i had been creating poems
all my life.
Yeah,i am very mysterious as my parents always said that.
Yeah, it is so true.
But they knew i love romantic musics and my parents could not say anything about that.

They just have to listen when i start with my JAZZ music IN DA HOUSE LOL..

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