Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I cried again


I cried again..
Because of the movie
"Ice Kacang Puppy Love"
The story is just amazing..
Eventhough, it is so simple,but there is a part, where i am
really ,really,really, impressed by the idea of the story.
A part when all of them were at the junction..
When Botak saw Ma Lin was hugging another guy and at the same time
Ayam Goreng told Botak's sister that he likes her and at the same moment,
When her sis said "I dont want anyone else,except Putera Idaman" and again,
at the same time,Putera Idaman passed by.
Wow,the idea is so fabolous..
Congrats to the movie director and all the crews..
It was a really great and wonderful job..

And in the story,omg..
Botak should had told the girl that he loved her ,before she left..
Just give the letter to her before she go..
omg..huhu..he would be happy if he would just let her know..
Coz seems like the girl likes her too..
And it is just a matter of they are too friendly as a "friend" i guess..
And Botak do not dare to confess his feelings..

And guyz out there!!!,U all should learn something from this movie.
So,if u do love someone,u must let her know,
at least,u will be better if u did that coz..
no matter how is the situation between the two of you after that,
i am sure u will not be regret in the future and it will just be nice.

And if u do get a rejections,do not be sad,because maybe the girl just wanna give
a simple test to evaluate the loyalty in u..haha..
Sound crazy ,right??Love u readers!!

And just ,right after i had watched the movie,all of sudden,the rain is pouring..
Same lyrics with my tears..
Just like the journey of love had just begin to me..
em..SO funny..
I will always keep on dreaming all my life..
And yes,i love to dream
Because dreams would lead me to fantasy
and it is so much better than reality..

And i would always be the main actress in the Fairytale Story..


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