Monday, January 17, 2011

Puan Siti Rokiah Binti Siwok

Yesterday,i felt so right.
Safe and secure.

I went to a clinic on foot and when i was walking in the middle of the road,
a very kind lady stopped by and she asked me"Nak tumpang tak?".
I quickly answered "Boleh jugak".

And i got into her car and i gotta knew that she is the lecturer of FPPSM and her name is Puan Siti Rokiah Binti Siwok.Thanks a lot Puan.May Allah bless you and grant your every single wishes.
And i am so glad that i met her..thanks Allah.

I learnt a lot from her.

She told me a few facts that is very useful in everyday life:

1)DOA is so powerful
2)We must tried to help others and put ourselves in their condition.
3)Hadith of Prophet Muhammad said that if we ease the burden of others,Allah will ease our burden too.

Oh ya Allah,i am so glad that i met her and my heart is melted because i knew that she has that golden heart and very very IKHLAS.

In my life,even me,myself,are not sure whether i am doing something for myself or really ikhlas.

But,i knew she got that IKHLAS that came from the golden heart that she owned.
I wish that i could also be able to do what she is doing if i own a car in the future.

Puan,if you read this,i posted this just for you..=).
I do not have your number and your email.
So,i tried to reach you by anything that i could do.
Thanks a lot.You are able to save my time by not queuing at the clinic yesterday and i could learnt many lesson from you.

You are such a great educator.

Oh ya Allah,i am so glad that i met her.Alhamdulillah.



  1. My dear Anis,
    You made me cry. You have a golden heart too, to appreciate my little act of was just a little act to another being, especially a young lady ( walking fast on a busy road..."there must be something bothering her I thought"). I do not have much amal Anis, but what little thing that I know I try to practice, although there are times out of my weaknesses I am not able to practice all.
    If in this world people like to find "xtra pocket money", in the hereafter the currency is "pahala" ( this is a powerful reminder from a great ustazah, Ustazah Maznah)
    Anis, all the best to u. TQ for writing in your blog for me. Spread kindness and be with people with good character. P/S: I like your blog

  2. Thanks a lot Puan.
    It means a lot for me.
    May Allah always bless u..

  3. Really a very nice person you must be glad to know her, this is one of the values that our Prophet Momamad PBUB teach us and put a big reward that when we help others and make them smile its also SADAQAH without paying any cent of money, when we take from the way of the people a branch of tree bcz it can hurt others also SADAQAH, that show us how much the Islam care to make the Muslim where ever they come from to be United and help each other.

    Thank you so much for these sharing ..^_^

  4. Thanks Saeed for ur comments and thanks for sharing the good values with all of us..

    Thanks a lot..

  5. salam. i know this great lady too, Puan Rokiah. She's a great counsellor too. She helped my mom a lot, and everyone loved her, i guess. very kind hearted, soft spoken. very understanding and comforting. may ALLAH bless her, and u too. anyway, i love ur blog. :)

  6. Thanks NajlaaY...
    yes..she is so kind .

    May Allah bless her and all of us..
    Friends Forever NajlaaY...

  7. 4 me.....dia memang seorang wanita yang sangat baik....luhur budinya terpancar sewaktu dia berkata-kata...dia memang baik....saya pernah mengenalinya suatu ketika dulu....Alhamdulillah...suker tengok puan berjaya.....