Sunday, February 27, 2011

Imagine Cup Workshop

On 26th and 27th February, i am attending an Imagine Cup Workshop at Microsoft Auditorium at Level 29,Tower 2,KLCC.
It was really amazing.

We have a session on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure.
The most unforgotten is the Windows Azure session coz it is kinds new to me and i dont get use to it,thus,
my friend,Jovian Tan and me were in a blur mode for a while.
But,we got through everything smoothly by the end of the workshop.

And at night,we enjoyed ourselves going around KL (Lowyat and Bintang Walk).

Everything is so ordinary in KL.I mean ,we dont have to be surprised if we saw a few persons were doing the street dance or break dance.

And i dunno,in my point of view,it is kinda funny when they are dancing coz maybe they are not the experts and they tried to show off in public.

But,after all,i respect them,for having such a very good determination and very brave to perform something that they have to the public.

On 27th,i felt kinda sad coz i am leaving and i miss every moments with all the Microsoft Student Partners Malaysia.

May all of us could be among the best team for Imagine Cup Competition.

I hope my Team Excalibur will be on the Local Finals Competition.Luv Excalibur..=)

Lots of Luv,

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