Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terimalah air mata ini

Terdetik di hati
Macam nak mati
Kan lagi senang hati

Hidup pun banyak ujian itu ini
Tak nak hidup lagi
Nak mati

Aku harap aku sabar lagi
Tolonglah ya Allah
Aku lemah sangat ni
Janganlah Engkau menguji diri ini
Dengan ujian yang aku asyik tangisi

Aku sendiri
Tidak sanggup melihat diri
Pikir itu ini
Tolonglah ya Allah

KepadaMu,aku serahkan takdir ini
Ampunkan dosaku,ya Allah
hambaMu ini
amat mengharapkan belasMu ya Allah

Dan andai itu juga yang Engkau kehendaki
Siapalah aku untuk memungkiri
Sedangkan ENgkau Maha Mengetahui
Tapi tolong jangan biarkan aku sendiri
aku teramat memerlukanMu
Setiap detik nafas ini
Hanyalah untuk mencari
RedhaMu Illahi

Terimalah air mata ini
sebagai tanda ikhlasnya hati
daripada hambaMu yang lemah ini,
nur anis bte nordin

Friday, March 18, 2011

A touching story

Today is 18 March 2011...

And today i went to work as usual and came back at 5pm.When i reached at my room,

Again,as usual,i turned on the radio to listen to my favorite channel which is FlyFm.

At the moment i am listening to the DJ,they are conducting a session where they receives a call from this guy and this guy wanna win this girl's heart after 13 years of waiting for her and searching for her all around the world.

So,FlyFm are trying to connect them together.This is why i really love FlyFm.
They are connecting lovers from all over the world.

Wow,i am so touched with the loyalties that this guy had given to this girl.But,unfortunately,this girl already has a boyfriend and she said to this guy that they do wanna get married someday.BUt in the end she said"kalau ada jodoh",seems like not sure,so,i hope this guy have 100% chances to be the best man over her.

OMG,at the moment when the girl said that,i got the feeling that ,this guy must be broken hearted like crazy coz 13 years is so long and meantime, he met this girl,he received that saying from the girl's mouth.

OMG,i am so touched,i wanna cry.
And it was on air,so,this guy asked the girl"Would u marry me????"
And the girl answered "I cant give u the answer now."

I am not sure but in my point of view,i think this guy had put this girl in a dilemma eventhough this girl is in love with her boyfriend for 3 years.
But,the loyalties that had been shown by this guy had opened up her eyes to think twice or maybe thrice before making any decision.

I am not sure girl.If i were you,i would have chosen the guy that had waited for me for 13 years.
It is a very long time.
And he also said that even if you are getting married with your boyfriend,he is gonna wait for you ,even if you are OPAH(a grandmother in malay language).And he said that the best man win...huhu..

OMG,he is so loyal and that is what all the ladies are searching for.

Dear girl
,Think wisely.Listen to your heart and do whatever things that your heart is saying.
I dont want you to regret this moment by letting go of the guy that had waited for you for 13 years,13 years!!!!13 years...DO u ever wonder how patient he is???

Yours sincerely,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ASP.NET Workshop

Alhamdulillah ya Allah.
I am so happy today because the ASP.NET Workshop is running smoothly and there is a lot of participants until there is not enough seat.

Oh ya Allah,Alhamdulillah.

Actually,i was the event organizer for this event and i am kinda worried abt the number of participants thats gonna attend it.

Alhamdulillah,it is a lot and there are some messaging me that they could not attend and at that moment the seat is already not enough.

Alhamdulillah,i am so happy.
The lesson that i got is that when u share the knowledge with others,i fellt like it is great to be a teacher or a lecturer coz when they got the knowledge,u felt satisfied.

Million thanks to Lim Shang Yi,Jovian Tan and Tamimi Haji Tamby.
Also not forgotten Chen Jie Lim..
Thanks a lot.