Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sometimes,i am not sure why there will always be something that i had to solve through out the semester.It is like problem solving never ends and there will always be cries and cries ...

Sometimes,i felt so sick over everything and why do all the FAKENESS people is around me.

I just cant see their face anymore.

Sometimes, there are too much of stabbing your back that make your life so hard to move on because it had influenced your mind even for 1 percent.
I beg u..
You are a human too,right..
Do not stab other peoples behind their back.

It is really hurts when it comes into something that can determine their future.
Please do not make others life harder because you as a human can feel the same thing if you put yourself in their shoes.

And just keep in mind that

You do something to make people have a hard time in their life,Allah will returns it back right to you.TO YOU..and one else but YOU and YOUUUUU
So please...for those that had ruined my life,please do not do this to me anymore.
I am so sick to hear all those rubbish that u had said.

Let me have the life that i wanna be.
And all of us are just the same.
All the success is not determined by us, eventhough we had work hard like we will die tomorrow.
So,all of us have that equal chances and do not stop other people's chances to gain success and happiness in their life.

Because u might just be a clown to be kicked out of this world into the dustbin that will be sent for disposal.

Sincerely from me,

Monday, April 11, 2011

sedih pilu

Hujan jatuh ke bumi
Seperti air mata yang tak pernah kering di pipi
Menjadi lopak yang sering dikunjungi
Bila sedih pilu di hati ini
Terpendam sendiri
Tanpa siapa mengetahui
Hanya aku dan Dia sendiri.

(Oh angin...
Sampaikan salam ku padanya
yang sedih pilu.

11 April 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gullivers Travel

Last night,i had watched "Gullivers Travel" and I cried.
the ending is too sweet.
I wish i could have that ending in my life.
I hope it would be real for me.
It is just too sweet.
OMG, I will not forget this story in my life.
I believe in fairytales and fantasy.
I really wish that it comes true and i know that it will always be.

I had wanted to be in fairytale all the time in my life.

OMG,I wish i could have that story in my life..

Too SWEET and too FANTASY..

That makes my life happy
live happily ever ever after.

Juliette Rosalind Maryland.

why do sometimes I????

in my life,
i wish for something
and i wish it comes true immediately
Without realizing that i should be working

in my life
i wish that i could do everything i wanna do
but actually it is impossible

i cant be perfect
and i will never be

in my life
i was thinking to make everyone happy
but am i happy?

life gets busier than ever
And i forget who am I actually

there is something u taught in your mind
but it is just stick there
because it will be worse
if u reveal the taught

And sometimes
life is just about trying hard to be able to survive
in a beehive
where everyone gets crazy
to achieve what they wanna be

Most importantly
it is all about trying to be happy
with everything that u have daily

And sometimes
i wonder why
Am I in this path
Which i think it is wrong
but i try to be strong

cause i know that it is not wrong
it is just life challenges
But why do sometimes I????