Tuesday, April 5, 2011

why do sometimes I????

in my life,
i wish for something
and i wish it comes true immediately
Without realizing that i should be working

in my life
i wish that i could do everything i wanna do
but actually it is impossible

i cant be perfect
and i will never be

in my life
i was thinking to make everyone happy
but am i happy?

life gets busier than ever
And i forget who am I actually

there is something u taught in your mind
but it is just stick there
because it will be worse
if u reveal the taught

And sometimes
life is just about trying hard to be able to survive
in a beehive
where everyone gets crazy
to achieve what they wanna be

Most importantly
it is all about trying to be happy
with everything that u have daily

And sometimes
i wonder why
Am I in this path
Which i think it is wrong
but i try to be strong

cause i know that it is not wrong
it is just life challenges
But why do sometimes I????

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