Thursday, May 26, 2011

Biarkan aku bersama Tuhanku

Biarkan mata ini penat menangis
Biarkan diri ini diam membisu
Tidak perlu seorang pun tahu
jangan pernah tanya kemana aku

Biar dugaan-dugaan ini
menikan-nikam jiwa ini
biar berparut sana sini
agar dapat ku dekati
Pemberi dugaan ini

biarkan aku bersama Tuhanku
Biarkan aku meluah hampa kepadaNya
Dia saja yang memahami segala tangisan aku
Segala tangisan jiwaku

Jangan pernah bertanya padaku
jangan pernah ganggu aku
aku benci kepalsuan
aku benci kepura-puraan
moga diriku murah dgn kemaafan
dan dilimpahi dengan rahmat Tuhan
untuk kembali mengumpul kekuatan
di sepanjang perjalanan..
menempuhi kehidupan..

Lukisan jiwa,
_Biarkan aku bersama Tuhanku_

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jika Bagimu

jika bagimu,
Tiada lagi erti hidup,
Biar aku menjadi ertinya,
Biar aku menjadi saktinya,
Pengubat jiwa yang lara

Dan hati ini seakan-akan berbicara
Bilakah akan tiba
Penantian kita
Aku sudah rebah
Ditelan jiwa

Dan tiada erti tanpa jiwa
Biarkanlah aku cipta bahagia
Walaupun hanya seketika
Agar bisa mengubat jiwa
Biar tegar atas segala

Lukisan jiwa,
~Ikhlas daripada hati ini~

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I really dont know

i want this floppy red hat.

I really dont know what happened to me ..
I am so happy at first but as time goes by my happiness had decreased bit my bit.
I am not sure what is happening but maybe because it does not happen as 100% as I wish.
Now,i am really focusing on my future.
My mind keep thinking on what i shall do NEXT,NEXT and next.
I am happy that i have some plan for my future also for my 5 years future or maybe 2-3 years future or maybe a year later.
But,everything that had happened had make me think twice,thrice..and so on..
I hope things would get better but it is just a week and i dont know.
Maybe things might change in the end but i really hope that i could still put things in the right order and keep things manageable.

I really dont know over this.May Allah give me guidance in everything i do.
i nearly hopeless but i am gaining it back..

and I AM BACK!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Imagine Cup 2011

The Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 had leaved me a lot of memories that i will never forget in my life.
Being an outstanding person there and be the presenter and met all the corporate leaders and make them your fiend is something that is unbelievable.

I am in Excalibur team(the only girl in the team),a team that represents UTM and managed to get into the TOP 6 in Malaysia.Alhamdulillah Ya Allah..Subhanallah..

I had met many friend there and i am happy to gain many friends and on the last day before i entered the airport i wish something would happen and change my life forever and it almost happens.

4-6 may 2011
Anis in Sarawak

Thanks a lot Dr.Shukor Bin Abdul Razak

Today 12 May 2011,i had been visited by my supervisor,Dr.Shukor from my faculty to supervised my practical training session.

And i am amazed that he is so young coz i never meet him before this and i taught he is around 40's coz he got the DR title.
At first,when i looked at him,i thing that stuck to my mind is that "He must be an outstanding person"..And he is!!

Yes,he has such a great personality when he talks.
That is why i respect him so much.
He thinks the way a successful person thinks and what the book of successful person on earth had written in their book coz i read a lot of book by successful peoples from all over the world.

I totally agree with his advices.Sometimes,we just need to go beyond the rules because it is annoying to us in order to gain success.
I like ur principle and that makes us (students)go stronger each day to face the difficulties in life.

And a successful person does not need to be a person that obey the rules 100% (the world rules)..
And a problematic students does not necessarily will be an unsuccessful person BCOZ if u look at Bill Gates.he is not a student from Oxford yet he is a billionaire Guyz!!!

So,Guyz..whatever others think about u,u are who you wanna be and go on with whatever things that u had set to achieve in your life BCOZ

You live in this world individually to cope with your life and to overcome the challenges by your own.So,Guyz..Move on..GO GUYZ..REACH THE TOP..

I like to be ambitious me and i dont care what others think of me..
Whether they think i am crazy or i am out of my mind..
They still stand there and stick there BUT
I had move on with my life and i am reaching the TOP but they still stand there at the same place that will never goes for a better changes.
I am happy i had met DR.Shukor and listened to his advices.
Thanks a lot Dr.Shukor.May every single wishes come true in your life and may Allah always bless you.

I am a brave girl and i know what i am heading to
And no one can stop me accept the ONly ONE who creates me,Allah..
ALhamdulillah ya Allah..

Juliette Rosalind Maryland..