Sunday, May 15, 2011

I really dont know

i want this floppy red hat.

I really dont know what happened to me ..
I am so happy at first but as time goes by my happiness had decreased bit my bit.
I am not sure what is happening but maybe because it does not happen as 100% as I wish.
Now,i am really focusing on my future.
My mind keep thinking on what i shall do NEXT,NEXT and next.
I am happy that i have some plan for my future also for my 5 years future or maybe 2-3 years future or maybe a year later.
But,everything that had happened had make me think twice,thrice..and so on..
I hope things would get better but it is just a week and i dont know.
Maybe things might change in the end but i really hope that i could still put things in the right order and keep things manageable.

I really dont know over this.May Allah give me guidance in everything i do.
i nearly hopeless but i am gaining it back..

and I AM BACK!!!

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