Friday, September 30, 2011

Depressed,Stressed,ENd up I cried!!!

Seriously speaking,
I do not know what had happened to me.
I am totally worried about someone and i cant think of anything.
And it almost drive me crazy when i think of this.

I just want to make things right but somehow i failed to do so.
I admit that i had make many mistakes in my life and maybe a bad decision ..
But,why is my life never be in the way i want it to be.
Now,i am just so stressed and that is the main reason i wrote this blog this morning and i am crying while i am blogging.

Maybe i was borned to cry ,cry and cry .

Because i am too weak to speak up about certain things ..
And why do everybody seems not to care about me, even the person i love the most..maybe there is no one in this world love me the most or maybe i was borned not to be the person that someone love the most and maybe it will never be..

And maybe that is what i am hoping for but the real thing is that it will never happen to anyone maybe or maybe i am the one who failed to love myself more than the person i love the most..or maybe i really dream to be in fairytale story while i am walking on earth.

LIfe has got nothing to do with happiness but sadness..
I just felt like i could not stand it anymore..

Maybe i should just DIE!
Maybe i should just DIE!
Maybe i should just DIE!
Maybe i should just DIE!

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