Saturday, March 9, 2013

Graduated and System Analyst

Now the time is 4.23am Saturday, 9th March 2013

Hi great people that are reading my entry,thanks a lot for visiting my site.Miss you guyz...

It has been quite some time,that I do not even open up my blog right after my final semester when I was a degree student and graduated in 2011.I am now working with my 2nd job,as an System Analyst at IT and Data Centre of Standard Chartered Bank.

My first job was as Marketing Exec.Love it but there are reasons that I left that company.

I am not that happy with my job,I hate IT but that’s my field and I guess that is real life. Sometimes,we have got a job that we hate the most and we have to do it in order to earn a better living. But I do believe that,in order to be the best,I must do everything honestly and with LOVE.So,i did plan for another job.

And for sure, people are never enough of what they have but I appreciate whatever things that are around me. Maybe sometimes,I am not showing it physically but I do appreciate even every little things. Because life is short and I wish I could enjoy every moment of it. My job make my day sometimes whenever I received compliments from users.

Here is 1 of it:

Thanks dear for ur appreciation.


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