Monday, May 13, 2013

Hi friends,
I am writing this because i have no one to talk to
probably i prefer to write than talk because a pen is just my best friend all the time. It is okay.
But I appreciate all of the people around me. I am just nobody I cant be perfect I am just nothing
I am just me and I always be myself which sometimes no one can accept that.
Or I am just too afraid that I probably hurt someone with my words.
Thats okay.
Let me just be me and my pen Maybe I could say keyboard but mostly a pen is closer to me.
I am kinda dissappointed when everybosy just see the outcomes and judging me instead of taking into considerations all challenges that i have to strive in order to survive.
I do not a single cent from you but why are you threating me in this way.And actually I received a few marks for my MBA which is not bad actually but because of my expectation is too high ,I end up crying almost everyday right after I finishes my class ,and tiredness accompany me while driving home.
Crying and driving,I am trying my best to reach my destiny. Please wait for me, each steps I had taken is one step closer to our dreams.
I am sorry if I do not get 4 flat for my MBA but for your info I had sacrifice all my time, my youth time with friends and all I can in order to make evrything falls into the right place which I would never know and I can just pray that it will always happen one day and it is just a matter of time. Please be with me.
No matter what happened,I had promised myself that I would spend my lifetime for loving you and I will do my best just to prove that I am right.
And sometimes, I understand that silence is the best thing to do. Thanks for everything.

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