Thursday, September 22, 2016

To the marvellous captain -> Sir Affendi Hashim

Today is a special day, it's 23rd September 2016. It is your birthday. Happy Birthday, Sir! Wishing you all the best on your birthday. May Allah bless you with success, health, happiness, patience and strength. May all your dreams come true and may you live the life that you have always dreamed of. May Allah bless you with victory in this life and eternal life too. Again, Happy birthday!

"Anis, you may be doing Software Engineering and that's okay. With good English, you can apply for Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik and you will be a good one!" And guess what? I took his advice and applied for the position in my final year. My application was accepted and I got the job right after I graduated! Alhamdulilah...

Sir Affendi wasn't your average kind of Malaysian and lecturer. In other words, he doesn't just teach English but also shares the wisdom he gained and learnings along the way. His life experience was valuable and he does not plan to keep it all to himself. Part of his coaching session in public speaking was also to boost your confidence and change the way you think. I got more than I bargain for. My mindset changed, my confidence is now more solid and most importantly I am better organising and handling my work and life. Personally, I believe I owe him a lot.

I met Sir Affendi Hashim when I was studying Software Engineering in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He was an English lecturer and taught beyond the subject itself. He shared about life and experiences, to me as a student it was inspiring. He wasn't just your normal lecturer, he is an educator.

Besides teaching at the university, he conducts workshops for private and government organisation. His workshops cover on ethics, customer services, motivation, team building and much more. He also does custom workshops depending on the client's' request to tackle minor or major issues in their organisation.

If you are seeking for trainings or consultancy, I highly recommend you to contact him at 019-713 3067 for enquiries or just to get to know him. He is worth every minute of your time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Betapa tak ada apa-apanya aku dihadapan-Mu

Dah almost 2 tahun I kahwin ni,

Niat di hati dah ready nak ada baby,

Ya Allah kurniakanlah aku rezeki,

Kerana aku mahu ada yang mewarisi,

Kegemilangan dan kurniaan hebat yang Engkau beri.

Ya Allah,

Hanya engkau yang mampu membuat semua ini terjadi,

Dan JanjiMu itu pasti,

Dan aku juga akan terus memperbaiki diri,

Untuk menjadi ibu yang boleh diteladani.


Andai itu takdirnya,

Redha diri ini menjadi dindingnya,

Semoga ada hikmah di sebalik setiap satunya,

Aku hanyalah hamba yang hina,

Yang mengharapkan keampunanNya,

Entah mungkin karena ku terlena,

Dalam fitrahku sebagai manusia.

Ya Allah

Betapa tak ada apa-apanya aku dihadapan-Mu…

Dan hanya kepada Engkau jua,

Tempat aku mengadu,

Mengubat duka dan luka,

Kerana aku percaya dan yakin pada setiap janjiMu.


Monday, April 25, 2016

On 7th April 2016, as I was travelling back from Jengka 1, Pahang by Metrobus, the bus stopped at Temerloh.

While waiting for passengers to load their bags, a young woman who looked to be in her late 20s rushed with her baby and took the seat next to me. I tried to search for any other empty couple seat so she and her baby could be more comfortable for the long journey to KL, but unfortunately, there was none. We ended up sharing a bit of my seat for her 1 and a half year old baby.

I noticed henna on her hands. I asked her if she is a newlywed and she said yes but the baby come out first, and “macam tu lah kak sekarang…”

I guess I understood what she was trying to tell me. I was surprised to find out that she's only 20 years old. She then asked for my help to take care of her baby for a while so she can carry her bag with her, which I readily give. I helped to babysit the baby for about 10 minutes before she came back.

I can see that she’s doing everything on her own. And she looked so haggard and a little unhappy.

I gave her my neck pillow for the baby as the little babe was falling sleep. I continued to chat with her and she told me about her family and her husband. Her husband is a lorry driver but I don’t wanna ask too much about why she was travelling alone with her baby. Maybe her husband was busy.

She told me she has a big family with many siblings.

All of them live far away from home. But, she said her little sister will pick her up when she arrive to KL and bring her to Damansara while I'll be taking the monorail to Putrajaya Sentral. Our conversation soon came to an end when her baby woke up and she had to tend to her child.

When we arrived, I helped her to carry her bag. Oh My God, the bag was like 30 kilos. How was she gonna carry that and also carry the baby at the same time. Inside, I admired her strength. She told me she barely ate anything that morning as she was too busy preparing for the trip. Even though it was my first time travelling by bus, I tried to look for the nearest restaurant and found a stall that sold some light snacks and drinks. I bought her some and handed them to her. She kissed my hand, and thanked me profusely for the food.

As I walked away from that young woman and her baby, I could feel tears running down my cheeks. That small pack of food was a small gift, but her overwhelming appreciation touched me deeply.

For a time, I felt quite helpless as I didn’t know how can I help her more. I can only pray that Allah will provide her aid in her time of need.

To that strong young mother,

Life sometimes has its ups and down,

But don’t ever look back at your past,

Life is a journey not a destination,

Keep strong and carry on,

And success will come by.

May Allah ease you and guide you in raising your child with much love and compassion.

Good luck and take care,


A girl who is trying to make the world a better place to live in

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HI you great people out there!!

Today I woke up super exhausted (15 Mac 2016). It had been a very busy week preparing for the Speakers’ Corner launching on 16th Mac 2016.

Alhamdulillah, everything went well and I am happy and satisfied with the end result.

There is definitely room for improvement, but I am just so relieved and glad that it is done.

Many worked tirelessly behind the scene to make the event happen, specially while making the videos. A special thank you to Tamimi for helping out.

Whatever it is, ikhlaskan diri, insya-Allah miracles will happen.

I do not live for recognition. Allah is enough for me.

But some things did catch me by surprise. I personally witnessed people who blame others for things they themselves did not even bother to care about. And that taught me a valuable lesson.

A leader is one with the team. A leader doesn't remain idle with outdated knowledge and beliefs, but constantly build him/herself up as someone with knowledge and experience. A leader remains relevant with the passing of time.

I remind myself to be positive all the time. And always reject negativity.

Alhamdulillah, Allah's help is always near. Miracles do happen. And for a miracle to happen, patience is definitely the key.

We live day by day upon the grace of His Mercy and Compassion. We simply pour our hopes and dreams in our prayers everyday and live our lives as best as we can. I pray everyday to Allah for me to be blessed with good friends and colleagues around to help me and stay with me through thick and thin.

Save us from those whose hearts have forgotten that we will all return to our Creator.

"Jaranglah orang berjasa yang mendapat pangkat dunia. Sebab pangkat dunia itu didapat dengan saling berebutan dan saling berkejaran, saling menekan, dan saling memfitnah"- Hamka



Thursday, March 17, 2016


HI you great people out there!! This is my first entry for 2016. And hopefully not the last.

I am very keen to write but even if it is TGIF, my workload is just like Monday. And honestly, I like to keep myself busy. Be positive and reject negativity.

That’s the least you should do, so that you can live happily.

As time passes by, I realize that, money can’t buy us happiness. Even more precious is the time. Time is priceless. Time spent with loved ones, family and friends. People who truly matter. People who be with you through ups and downs. That is what happiness means to me. Simple, isn’t it?

After many months of working, I began to realize that what others see as ‘excellent performance’ doesn’t always mean a job done well, but how ‘efficient’ and ‘hardworking’ you ‘appear to be’. Oh well. To each their own, I guess.

I have since removed myself from this unhealthy competition, and will instead give my very best to accomplish the tasks given without any care about who is watching. And strangely enough, that makes me so much happier. As if I have found a new meaning in life. A new me! I feel closer to Him . And I also realize that the world is just a temporary place, and the hereafter is forever. Entering the age of 27 this year on top of a trying, long distance relationship with my husband, I feel like the challenges we’ve faced thus far has made our marriage stronger and helped us focus more on our ambition to achieve our dreams.

I am also happy to say that I am starting to get my rhythm in balancing my time with my husband, family and friends. Of course, things will be much easier if we can be together. After all, there’s no better way to end your day than to come home to your family. I pray and hope that my application to transfer to Johor Bharu will be approved soon, insya Allah. At this point in life, more than anything, I wish to be given a chance to become a mother. Allah knows best and His timing will always be right. I know that one day my husband and I will have the chance to raise children of our own.

For 2016, my hope is just to be happy and spread the love around the world. How about you? Whatever it is you set to do, I wish you all the best and every happiness that life could offer. Best Regards,


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