Sunday, December 31, 2017


Welcome to 2018

Hi there!!


As I'm writing this, I'm still at the UTM library, working on my DBA assignments. 2017 will leave us in a few hours.

A few reflections on my 2017. 2017 is a hectic year for me. A year which I have decided to accomplish several personal goals. A year which is passing by, at a pace much faster than I could keep up with. Too busy with life taking place on center stage, called Earth.

Truly, I miss my hometown. I miss my family too, dearly. Family is my heartbeat.

This time, year 2018 will be welcomed without the merry of my family members.

I'm keeping steps ahead of others, with several plans and goals already laid for 2018.

As we step to a brand new dawn of 2018 tomorrow, plans and goals that I have set will be the first thing that I think about, when I wake up in the morning.

All in all, I am satisfied with my accomplishments in 2017.

Surely, I can accomplish personal goals in 2018, gloriously. Surely, indeed.

I'm venturing into unchartered waters, like a captain of a lone ship, for the sake of my religion, family, career, and of course, for personal satisfaction.

Definitely, my pursuit will be accomplished with honesty and kindness.

May Allah continue to grant me endless blessings and luck.

You are the Best of Givers that carried and guided me through thick and thin in my life.

And for that, I am truly and eternally grateful.

To all my readers, I wish you all the best in everything that you do, and, always, believe in the magic of kindness.

~From the eyes of a Kampong Girl~

Walk by faith,


Monday, December 4, 2017


Hi guyz!!

It has been quite some time that I have not write.

And today, I really feel like writing about dreams.

Bad dreams, sweet dreams, etc. Most of us dream. I also dream.

But sometimes when you have put a lot of effort and the result you will only see in the next 20 years, it can be very frustrating and pull you down. And you might be drowning All of sudden, it reminds me of Backstreet Boys’ song – “Drowning in Your Love.. Haha

Anyway, how to keep going?

How to keep yourself still high spirited when life goes against you?

I am grateful for that one day, when I was driving to the office at 6.50am and my office is about 30 minutes from my home during peak hour or maybe 40 minutes or maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes during heavy rain season. And while driving, I was listening to the radio, can’t remember what channel was on air because I keep on changing the radio channels as my car can’t really detect the radio signal anymore and at that moment, the DJ mentioned an analogy of a dream as your first love. I can’t recall who the DJ was, I was so impressed with that analogy coz I practice it. And the result is amazing! He said think about your dream as your first love.

Hold on to it very tightly. Think about it the first thing in the morning when you wake up. When you have your first love, you will hold him/her at night till you fall asleep. Your mind keeps on thinking about your first love.

So, do the same thing towards your ambition, your dream.

Keep going on till you achieve it!

The journey isn’t easy but with this strong mind, you will achieve it and go through the wind and storm just to get your dreams come true!

Trust me, this is for real!

Anyway, if you love this, mail me at

From an eyes of a Kampong girl,

Nur Anis Nordin

Saturday, September 16, 2017


HI everyone!

It’s been quite some time and I’ve not been writing regularly due to my busy schedule.

I was constantly occupied today – to the extent of not being able to do anything – because I kept on thinking about the very kind lady who helped me from fainting.

It was a Friday morning, and my routine is to go to the market and get some groceries for cooking. Oh yeah! The weekend in Johor are on Friday and Saturday, so Friday is the only day I get to cook special dishes for my family.

So, I woke up early and the first thing I did was go straight away to the market to buy some onions. At that time, I started to feel dizzy and then my vision was getting darker and, I knew that I was going to faint very soon. I tried to sit on the floor, still not okay, then I tried searching for a chair but there was none available.

I had to muster every ounce of strength I had to walk to the nearest stall. In that state, I decided that I would not be able to cook breakfast for my family and decided that roti canai would be the alternative. However, at that moment, the lady at the stall looked at me and asked if was sick, I guessed at that moment I must’ve looked pale as there was not much blood in circulation.

She got so worried and decided to bring a chair for me to sit next to her. She even left everything, including a money box that was at the cashier, whilst others were queuing up to pay their orders. All that Just because she wanted to make me a cup of Milo for me. I just sat there watching her, thinking of how I would get home by my own.

She passed me the milo and, ‘said please drink this. It is free, no worries.’ I am so blessed. After I drunk that milo, I felt slightly better and I sat there for about half an hour before leaving to go back home. Oh, ya Allah, I know that you always help me in all kinds of ways.

I am so blessed with everything and I understand why sometimes my wishes have not happened yet.

Maybe I am not capable of handling my own kids all by myself yet, I am not even capable to sustain a healthy lifestyle to take care of myself. To the makcik, I really thank you for your kindness.

I will definitely eat at your stall whenever I am available insyaAllah.

May Allah always bless you with good health and prosperity. I’ve always believe in the magic of kindness.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am not sure if here is the right place for me to write but I am running out of ideas on how to fund my graduate studies. My current job doesn't really allow me much time for a second one.

It has always been my dream to continue my DBA at this age and I will work for it no matter the struggles that may come.

If there is anyone out there who could offer me a flexible job that suit my skills and qualifications, please email me at

Your kind help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Monday, February 20, 2017


Today is a special day, it's 19th February 2017. It is my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sayang!

Wishing you all the best on your birthday. May Allah bless you with success, health, happiness, patience and strength.

May all your dreams come true and may you live the life that you have always dreamed of. May Allah bless you with victory in this life and eternal life too. Again, Happy birthday!

Forgive me if the surprise is a little awkward.


I just want it to be memorable , hoping that I could make a perfect surprise for you, indeed, I still hope you like it baby.

I am so, so, so in love with you.

Do you put a magic spell on me? Cause I never fail to love you...huh..

oh ya Allah, please always bless my husband dunia and akhirat.

Happy Birthday Sayang. This post is created especially for you.

Love you always,

Your crazy wife :)

~Happy Birthday to Amar My Love~
~My Sayang and will always be my Sayang forever~
~My Sayang, I am so,so,so in love with you~

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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